What i have been watching recently

Just thought today i would post some of the shows i have been watching recently, and some of them have been amazing.

First up Bosch

Having been a massive fan of the Harry Bosch books i was in two minds whether to watch the show or not, but i knew i was going to anyway.  If you haven’t seen it then i highly recommend that you do, Harry Bosch played by titus welliver is a homicide detective named Harry Bosch who is a no nonsense police detective that lives and breathes his work.

If you have read the books then i think you will love the tv show as it stays faithful to the books and is equally as entertaining.  You can watch both seasons of Bosch on amazon prime.

Daredevil Season 2

I 100% prefer DC films to Marvel, i just think they are more grown up and have less potty humour, so when it comes to Marvel tv shows i wasn’t that interested, but i came across daredevil on Netflix and wow, its 1 of the best shows that i have seen.  I watched season 1 in a weekend, and i’ve just completed season 2 which in my opinion is the best thing marvel have ever made.

if you like superheroes and like a darker grittier tone then check out Daredevil on Netflix you will love it.

Lastly Jessica Jones

Having heard the name Jessica Jones being mentioned in Daredevil i thought i would give the show a try, im half way through the first season and while its no where near as good as daredevil it is still good and worth a watch especially if your into superheroes.  The main character Jessica Jones is not the average super hero and thats what i think makes the show enjoyable, she doesn’t always do the right thing and at times struggles with the choices that she has to make.  good show, worth a watch.

Thats it for now, if any of you crazy lot can suggest me more tv shows to take a look at i will gladly have a look.

Making the home office cooler!

i spend 8-10 hours and sometimes more programming in my home office, so i thought why not make it a bit cooler.  Ive decided that i shall be buying some gadgets for the office just to make it a little bit more fun.

First up

Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman Pop Vinyls

I had never heard of a pop vinyl and i still really don’t know what the hell i have ordered but they looked cool so i orders a batman, a superman and a wonder woman pop vinyl.

Ive attached the pictures below.


Superman Pop Vinyl


Batman Pop Vinyl


Wonder Woman PopVinyl

Now i dont even know how big these things are, hopefully they are not too big and i can put them around my desk some where, the only problem with these pop vinyls are that there are so many cool ones of them, i was so tempted to just spend a hundred quid and get loads of them but i think my girl friend would murder me haha

Il upload some pictures and maybe do a review of them when they arrive!

Next up

A pin art 3d image maker.


I always remember as a young child my aunt used to have one of these in her house and it used to relax me so much and i would spend hours making patterns with them.  Programming can be stressful so i thought i would get something to keep me de-stressed.

I got the 3d image maker on amazon, it was pretty cheap too!

So thats it for now, going to keep looking for more office gadgets to mess around with, if you have any suggestions let me know.

Ok, i decided to start exercising again!

Being a programmer means that i often sen 8-10 hours a day and sometimes more just sitting on my own in front of a computer screen.  Often i don’t eat, but when i do i tend to eat too much so you can image its not a healthy life style.

ive decided to change that, i shall be taking up running and lifting weights once again!

I can decide if i will be buying some home exercise equipment or just going to the gym, but im going to do something. i think for my weights i shall follow the 5×5 workout routine as i have seen alot of lifters talk about the health benefits and it seems the optimal way of gaining muscle and losing fat.

if your wondering what the 5×5 workout is you can see this website here.  Mendi the guy that runs that site seems like he knows his stuff and the workout looks not too complicated while being hard enough to challenge me.

You can see some clips to the workout below.

Along with the 5×5 workout i shall also look into doing some sort of cardio, i don’t know once again whether to buy a treadmill or just go to the gym.  I think i am leaning more towards buying a treadmill but i’m undecided.  One treadmill that i did find was the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill most of the reviews that i have seen on that treadmill look good so i might give it a shot, its a tad expensive though.

Improving my diet

I love pasta, indian food, burgers and chocolate, so obviously most of that will have to go out of the window, or maybe not 😉 ive seen a diet called If it fits your macros (IIFYM) which seems to allow you to eat some junk in moderation with healthy foods, you can look at iifym on a site here, which explains it alot better than i can.  Or check out the video below.

So there it goes guys, thats everything that i will be doing this year not to turn into a couch potato.  Anyone else have some tips on what i should be doing or what you are doing this year to become more health?

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, which is basically the process of getting free traffic to your website.

in this article i will explain what seo is and how it can benefit you.

All of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, DuckDuckGo all have results pages.  That is when you make a search they show a list of results.  each one of those results is known as an organic result.  When you click on a link it doesn’t cost the user a penny compared to ppc that costs the user every time you click on one of their advertisements.

Search Engine Land came up with a great video which explains what seo is and how it can help your own site, this can be seen below.

From the video you can see that SEO is the process of optimising your website so that it can be found online.  for example if a user is searching for baby car seats and that is something that you sell then you will want to optimise your website for that search term.

If your website is optimised correctly, you should then start showing up on the search engine results page for those keywords.  This will result in your business getting more traffic and eventually more sales from your website.

Disadvantages of SEO are that it can be slow and there is a lot of competition out there, but the upside is if you can get your website to rank then you will be able to make money from your website if the keyword has commercial intent.
SEO is a big area with alot to learn, but if you learn about seo one step at a time then you will soon pick it up and be able to rank your own website.  SEO can be difficult to learn in the begining but after a small learning curve you will soon know the basics so your site will improve in its rankings.

Hopefully this blog post was enough to explain what seo is and how it can help your website, if you want to learn more about seo be sure to keep coming back to this blog as i will post about it more often in the future.

How to choose a web designer

Choosing a web designer for your new business can be a tough ordeal as a lot of digital marketing companies these days will think they are website designers because they know how to take a website template, change a logo and upload it to the internet.

Sadly a lot of businesses are caught out by these cowboys and are then left disappointed when their brand new website doesn’t work responsively and doesn’t bring them any new leads.

in this article i will tell you exactly what to look out for when choosing a new web design agency for your business.

Results business

A website should be a lead generating machine.  Its sole purpose should be to generate more leads to your business (unless you are an e commerce website).  Most customers i deal with tell me that they just want to show others what work they have done.  This is fine, and anyone can create a website that shows pictures, but the problem is that a website like that doesn’t bring any search traffic.  Without search traffic no one gets to see your work.

So when your thinking ‘oh i’ve heard of a boy who went to college and makes websites for £100″ don’t waste your money.  £100 is cheap, but that doesn’t mean it offers value for money.  If no one sees your website that you have paid £100 for wouldn’t you think its a waste?

Let me ask you this, would you rather pay £100 for a website that no one visits or £10,000 for a website that generates 10 new leads for your business every month.  Obviously those numbers are made up but i think you get my point.

Responsive design

You may have heard that mobile is the future and you would have heard right, in fact your website should already be mobile responsive because if it isn’t then you are already falling behind with the times.

A good marketing agency will produce mobile responsive designs as standard because they know that over 60% of your visitors will visit your website on mobile devices, if you choose to ignore this traffic then you are potentially losing out on 60% of business.

A good site costs money

A good website costs money and if your not prepared to accept that then you are doing your business a disservice. Like i have said above a good website should generate you leads, and like most things in business, most of the time you have to spend money to make it.

Spending money on a quality website is one of the best decisions you will make for your business, your website should be one of your best earning outlets, its your chance to show your potential customers what you do, how well you do it without being pushy and putting them off.

What do i recommend?

I recommend that you find a web design agency that is not only affordable but also produces good quality work.   One website design agency that i recommend is Web Design Wales.  They offer Website design and SEO services.  If your looking for web design newport then look no further.

Your Next Job – How to prepare for the interview

job interviews can be so harrowing, however it doesn’t need to be. Raw Recruitment Solutions a recruitment organization in wales has provided us with some good tips to make your next interview go smoothly.


Different types of interviews

A phone meeting is initially used to weed out competitors not appropriate to a job vocation. These are regularly utilized when a job vocation gets a high measure of candidates, a phone meeting is likewise typically one of the initial steps before being welcome to an eye to eye meeting.


Video interviews are normally directed over applications like skype are turning out to be increasingly more popular. What’s more, at the end of the day are typically utilized before being welcome to an eye to eye meeting.

Panel of judges

A panel meeting can be frightening when you haven’t encountered one in the past, however in the event that you go in realizing that there will be no less than two or more individuals talking you then in any event you are set up for that.

Group Interviews


Group interviews are used when there are a lot of potential candidates for the job.  They are then held at the same time and people are encouraged to get involved in questions and sometimes questions are asked inturn.

Planning for the meeting

Prior to the meeting is presumably a standout amongst the most essential times with regards to tolerating a meeting, at this stage you have to set up your self for conceivable inquiries that they may inquire. Thought of appropriate answers furthermore record a rundown of conceivable inquiries that you might need to ask the representative.

Right now you will likewise need to ensure that you are set up for how you are going to look in the meeting. You ought to look perfect and adequate and you ought to likewise wear garments that are reasonable for the occupation being referred to.

I would likewise prescribe going by the spot that you need to drive to the prior night so you can arrange your voyage early, being late to a meeting is a major no, so right on time no less than 10 minutes.

What you ought to take to the meeting

You at the end of the day ought to be readied. Notice a subject here? planning.

ensure you have any authentications that you may require, a driving permit, the set of working responsibilities, pen and paper, your CV and a portfolio if your in a tech field.

Slaughtering your nerves

Nerves can make the ideal applicant go to pieces, being anxious is ordinary so here are a couple of things that you can do to quiet down your pre meeting nerves:

  • enjoy a latrine reprieve before the meeting
  • advise yourself that the most noticeably bad that can happen is you don’t land the position
  • give your self an opportunity to answer the inquiries
  • hone prospective employee meeting questions early
  • bring notes with you
  • request elucidation on inquiries you are not certain about

Click Here for more interview tips

Boots i need in my life 2016

Ive been browsing the shops lately, both online and off and i’ve come across a wide variety of shoes that i like.  Unfortunately they will all cost so much that if i bought them i would end up living on the street, but we can all dream hay.

The first pair of trainers that i have come across are these Christian Louboutin Louis spiked trainers.  they retail at £1350 but damn they are so fine.


The second pair of shoes that i came across are once again by louboutin but this time they are a little more dressy, if you can call them such a thing.  once again they feature the spikes all around them.  Something that i am really digging the look of right now.


Now to move away from the louboutin’s i’ve come down the price range slightly for something more casual, and i have been looking around in allsaints.

one boot that i have really been digging lately is the brisk boot from all saints, it got that signature worn grungy look to them and they are quite similar to a pair i purchased from them maybe two years ago.


So as you can see i have come across some gems for 2016, i now only have to take on 10 jobs to afford them, ;(