Boots i need in my life 2016

Ive been browsing the shops lately, both online and off and i’ve come across a wide variety of shoes that i like.  Unfortunately they will all cost so much that if i bought them i would end up living on the street, but we can all dream hay.

The first pair of trainers that i have come across are these Christian Louboutin Louis spiked trainers.  they retail at £1350 but damn they are so fine.


The second pair of shoes that i came across are once again by louboutin but this time they are a little more dressy, if you can call them such a thing.  once again they feature the spikes all around them.  Something that i am really digging the look of right now.


Now to move away from the louboutin’s i’ve come down the price range slightly for something more casual, and i have been looking around in allsaints.

one boot that i have really been digging lately is the brisk boot from all saints, it got that signature worn grungy look to them and they are quite similar to a pair i purchased from them maybe two years ago.


So as you can see i have come across some gems for 2016, i now only have to take on 10 jobs to afford them, ;(


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