Ok, i decided to start exercising again!

Being a programmer means that i often sen 8-10 hours a day and sometimes more just sitting on my own in front of a computer screen.  Often i don’t eat, but when i do i tend to eat too much so you can image its not a healthy life style.

ive decided to change that, i shall be taking up running and lifting weights once again!

I can decide if i will be buying some home exercise equipment or just going to the gym, but im going to do something. i think for my weights i shall follow the 5×5 workout routine as i have seen alot of lifters talk about the health benefits and it seems the optimal way of gaining muscle and losing fat.

if your wondering what the 5×5 workout is you can see this website here.  Mendi the guy that runs that site seems like he knows his stuff and the workout looks not too complicated while being hard enough to challenge me.

You can see some clips to the workout below.

Along with the 5×5 workout i shall also look into doing some sort of cardio, i don’t know once again whether to buy a treadmill or just go to the gym.  I think i am leaning more towards buying a treadmill but i’m undecided.  One treadmill that i did find was the JTX Sprint-9: Superior Treadmill most of the reviews that i have seen on that treadmill look good so i might give it a shot, its a tad expensive though.

Improving my diet

I love pasta, indian food, burgers and chocolate, so obviously most of that will have to go out of the window, or maybe not 😉 ive seen a diet called If it fits your macros (IIFYM) which seems to allow you to eat some junk in moderation with healthy foods, you can look at iifym on a site here, which explains it alot better than i can.  Or check out the video below.

So there it goes guys, thats everything that i will be doing this year not to turn into a couch potato.  Anyone else have some tips on what i should be doing or what you are doing this year to become more health?