Why you should be using html 5

So for a big post to bring back this blog i thought i would sart off with one of my passions, web development.

As everyone who used to follow my blog will know that i freelance as a web developer that was true in 2011 and it is still true today.  i mainly build WordPress websites, so if your interested in hiring me contact me through this blog, now the self promotion is out of the way keep on reading.

HTML 5 and why you should use it.

Firstly HTML 5 is the future whether you like it or not.  HTML may not work on older browsers, but seriously the web is changing so much that if you dont use it you will get left behind.  HTML 5 was the shakeup that the web needed.


By using HTML 5 you are creating websites that are more accessible to disabled users.  HTML headings like <header>, <nav>,<section> etc allow screen readers to be able to navigate around your content much more easily.  HTML 5 allows screen readers to access the information more easily and provide a better experience to your users who need a screen reader.

Better for audio and video

“Your version of flash is outdated and needs to be updated” not with HTML 5 it doesnt, actually forget flash altogether.  HTML tags like <video> and <audio> make displaying media on your website a breeze.

You dont’ need to embed anything or use complex codes, just link to where the video is stored and HTML 5 will sort out the rest.  you can even set it to autoplay and add a height and a width to it.

Setting the doctype

Remeber when you had to set the doctype to your webpage ie

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

well you dont need to copy and paste that dreadfull long text anymore, insted with HTML 5 you can set it like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

how easy is that?

Cleaner and easier to read code

HTML 5 without a doubt is much cleaner and easier to read than other versions of html.  HTML 5 helps prescribe a nice solution to “Div itis” aka:


HTML 5 allows you to keep your markup cleaner and therefor easier to read and use.

HTML and Mobile

HTML5 was built with being mobile in mind.  The future is 100% heading in the direction of being mobile so html5 was built with mobile in mind.


HTML 5 is the future and to some extent it is already here.  If you are not developing in html 5 then you are falling behind.

What are your thoughts on html 5?