How to choose a web designer

Choosing a web designer for your new business can be a tough ordeal as a lot of digital marketing companies these days will think they are website designers because they know how to take a website template, change a logo and upload it to the internet.

Sadly a lot of businesses are caught out by these cowboys and are then left disappointed when their brand new website doesn’t work responsively and doesn’t bring them any new leads.

in this article i will tell you exactly what to look out for when choosing a new web design agency for your business.

Results business

A website should be a lead generating machine.  Its sole purpose should be to generate more leads to your business (unless you are an e commerce website).  Most customers i deal with tell me that they just want to show others what work they have done.  This is fine, and anyone can create a website that shows pictures, but the problem is that a website like that doesn’t bring any search traffic.  Without search traffic no one gets to see your work.

So when your thinking ‘oh i’ve heard of a boy who went to college and makes websites for £100″ don’t waste your money.  £100 is cheap, but that doesn’t mean it offers value for money.  If no one sees your website that you have paid £100 for wouldn’t you think its a waste?

Let me ask you this, would you rather pay £100 for a website that no one visits or £10,000 for a website that generates 10 new leads for your business every month.  Obviously those numbers are made up but i think you get my point.

Responsive design

You may have heard that mobile is the future and you would have heard right, in fact your website should already be mobile responsive because if it isn’t then you are already falling behind with the times.

A good marketing agency will produce mobile responsive designs as standard because they know that over 60% of your visitors will visit your website on mobile devices, if you choose to ignore this traffic then you are potentially losing out on 60% of business.

A good site costs money

A good website costs money and if your not prepared to accept that then you are doing your business a disservice. Like i have said above a good website should generate you leads, and like most things in business, most of the time you have to spend money to make it.

Spending money on a quality website is one of the best decisions you will make for your business, your website should be one of your best earning outlets, its your chance to show your potential customers what you do, how well you do it without being pushy and putting them off.

What do i recommend?

I recommend that you find a web design agency that is not only affordable but also produces good quality work.   One website design agency that i recommend is Web Design Wales.  They offer Website design and SEO services.  If your looking for web design newport then look no further.

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