Making the home office cooler!

i spend 8-10 hours and sometimes more programming in my home office, so i thought why not make it a bit cooler.  Ive decided that i shall be buying some gadgets for the office just to make it a little bit more fun.

First up

Batman Vs Superman and Wonder Woman Pop Vinyls

I had never heard of a pop vinyl and i still really don’t know what the hell i have ordered but they looked cool so i orders a batman, a superman and a wonder woman pop vinyl.

Ive attached the pictures below.


Superman Pop Vinyl


Batman Pop Vinyl


Wonder Woman PopVinyl

Now i dont even know how big these things are, hopefully they are not too big and i can put them around my desk some where, the only problem with these pop vinyls are that there are so many cool ones of them, i was so tempted to just spend a hundred quid and get loads of them but i think my girl friend would murder me haha

Il upload some pictures and maybe do a review of them when they arrive!

Next up

A pin art 3d image maker.


I always remember as a young child my aunt used to have one of these in her house and it used to relax me so much and i would spend hours making patterns with them.  Programming can be stressful so i thought i would get something to keep me de-stressed.

I got the 3d image maker on amazon, it was pretty cheap too!

So thats it for now, going to keep looking for more office gadgets to mess around with, if you have any suggestions let me know.

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