Website design agencies in wales

There are tonnes of website development agencies in wales to choose from when choosing the next company to make your business website so i thought with this article i would make a post on what you should look out for when choosing a new website agency for your business.

What to look out for.

Firstly you will want a company that does good work.  You will want a company that doesn’t think of web design as just another service, but one that recognises website design as one of the most important aspects of your business, after all a good website can make or break a business.

A good website should be search engine friendly and it should be easy to use both from the user and the editors point of view.  Personally i love WordPress for a content management system as i find it so easy to use.  Wordpress is also search engine friendly as its original intention was to be a bloggin platform, therefor WordPress wanted its users to be able to be found by other users so that they could interact with each other. WordPress these days is no longer just used by bloggers but it is used by businesses all around the world.

In fact WordPress is said to power over 60% of the websites on the internet. thats millions and millions of users. Being search friendly and easy to use are just some of the reasons why millions of people use WordPress.  If your looking for web design wales services then i would highly recommend using an agency that primarily develops their websites using the WordPress CMS.

SEO friendly

I have already mentioned that your website should be seo friendly and by using wordpress you are taking a good step towards that but some agencies still don’t develop their sites in a way that makes their websites search engine friendly.

A good website agency in wales will know that each site that they make should be built in such a way that allows its users to add and edit h1, h2,h3,h4,h5 tags along with titles, descriptions and much more.

Responsive website

Google takes into consideration when ranking if a website is responsive or not, if it is then google will give your website an extra boost in the search engine results page.  Your new website should be mobile responsive, if it isn’t then you will be throwing money down the drain.

Easy to update

A website that you cant update is no use to anyone.  Search engines love fresh content, and if you cant add fresh content to your site then you are once again missing out on website traffic.  A good website design agency should make sites that are easy to update and add content to.


In conclusion i would say that finding a good website agency for your business is tricky and can sometimes be frustrating, but it doesn’t have to be.  using the tips above should set you on the right path so that your next business website will be a success. If your looking for website design and development services you should check out web design newport they offer great mobile responsive websites with one month free seo.

How your service based industry can get more customers

If you’re a builder, electrician or plumber or you thinking your business fits is a similar service based business then keep on reading as in this article I am going to tell you exactly how your business can get more customers and quickly.

Social Media – Be Social

Social media is no longer for children, the unemployed or people wanting to play the latest games, social media has changed the way in which companies market their business. One tweet alone could get your service in front of 20,000 people.

By being social you can get your business in front of the right people who are searching for what you are selling, never before as something so powerful been available to business.

Social media also allows you to stay in contact with existing customers and also answer questions of potential customers. If you are not using social media for your service based business then you should be. Social media is powerful, if you don’t have time to use it because lest be honest a lot of us don’t have much time to do anything then I would recommend hiring a marketing company that can help.

What makes your business unique?

 So many businesses offer a free quote, you need something that helps you stand out from the crowd, offering a free quote doesn’t offer your customer anything different. Instead make sure your business offers something that no other does and you will stand out.

Be outspoken

Don’t be afraid to stand out, speak your mind and you will create your own persona that people will listen to. People will listen to what you have to say whether they agree or disagree with what your saying.

Traditional Marketing

 Don’t forget traditional marketing, you should still utilise offline as some customers wont be online. Memorable signage of your company van or offices will help your business be remembered by potential customers.

Web design and SEO

 If you don’t have a website, or you have a free website or one that doesn’t work then what is wrong with you? A website should be one of your most important tools to get more business.

If your looking for web design for plumbers or any other service based business then make sure you choose a web development agency that has a website that looks like it was made this century.

By having a good website with a good SEO service you will grow your business over night. SEO can help put your business in front of hundreds of extra customers who are searching for your services each and every month.


 Owning a small business is never easy, you have constant struggles from managing staff to handling customers. Getting extra customers each month shouldn’t be a problem with the right marketing strategy. With the tips above you should now know what you have to do to start getting extra customers today. Good luck.

What is UX and why should you learn it?

First off UX design will mean different things to different people.  It will also be called different names by different people, so it could be called interaction design, information architecture, visual design and so on, but when i hear UX i think of

improve the customers satisfaction through the ease of use of when using your product

Simply put in my mind UX is the process of making your product user friendly and easy to use.

Rather than take you through a long blog post today i thought i would share with you a nice video on what UX is.

Why you should be using html 5

So for a big post to bring back this blog i thought i would sart off with one of my passions, web development.

As everyone who used to follow my blog will know that i freelance as a web developer that was true in 2011 and it is still true today.  i mainly build WordPress websites, so if your interested in hiring me contact me through this blog, now the self promotion is out of the way keep on reading.

HTML 5 and why you should use it.

Firstly HTML 5 is the future whether you like it or not.  HTML may not work on older browsers, but seriously the web is changing so much that if you dont use it you will get left behind.  HTML 5 was the shakeup that the web needed.


By using HTML 5 you are creating websites that are more accessible to disabled users.  HTML headings like <header>, <nav>,<section> etc allow screen readers to be able to navigate around your content much more easily.  HTML 5 allows screen readers to access the information more easily and provide a better experience to your users who need a screen reader.

Better for audio and video

“Your version of flash is outdated and needs to be updated” not with HTML 5 it doesnt, actually forget flash altogether.  HTML tags like <video> and <audio> make displaying media on your website a breeze.

You dont’ need to embed anything or use complex codes, just link to where the video is stored and HTML 5 will sort out the rest.  you can even set it to autoplay and add a height and a width to it.

Setting the doctype

Remeber when you had to set the doctype to your webpage ie

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Strict//EN"

well you dont need to copy and paste that dreadfull long text anymore, insted with HTML 5 you can set it like this:

<!DOCTYPE html>

how easy is that?

Cleaner and easier to read code

HTML 5 without a doubt is much cleaner and easier to read than other versions of html.  HTML 5 helps prescribe a nice solution to “Div itis” aka:


HTML 5 allows you to keep your markup cleaner and therefor easier to read and use.

HTML and Mobile

HTML5 was built with being mobile in mind.  The future is 100% heading in the direction of being mobile so html5 was built with mobile in mind.


HTML 5 is the future and to some extent it is already here.  If you are not developing in html 5 then you are falling behind.

What are your thoughts on html 5?

Welcome Post

Back in 2011 i set up this site so i could blog about everyday things, then my life got busier so i had to stop, thankfully im now back and starting from fresh so here goes to making this blog busy like it was before.

So stick around, if your into every day normal people then you will love this blog as i blog about work, food, recipes and my pets.

I have interests in the web, shopping, sports and much more.

Thanks for reading, Alex.