What i have been watching recently

Just thought today i would post some of the shows i have been watching recently, and some of them have been amazing.

First up Bosch

Having been a massive fan of the Harry Bosch books i was in two minds whether to watch the show or not, but i knew i was going to anyway.  If you haven’t seen it then i highly recommend that you do, Harry Bosch played by titus welliver is a homicide detective named Harry Bosch who is a no nonsense police detective that lives and breathes his work.

If you have read the books then i think you will love the tv show as it stays faithful to the books and is equally as entertaining.  You can watch both seasons of Bosch on amazon prime.

Daredevil Season 2

I 100% prefer DC films to Marvel, i just think they are more grown up and have less potty humour, so when it comes to Marvel tv shows i wasn’t that interested, but i came across daredevil on Netflix and wow, its 1 of the best shows that i have seen.  I watched season 1 in a weekend, and i’ve just completed season 2 which in my opinion is the best thing marvel have ever made.

if you like superheroes and like a darker grittier tone then check out Daredevil on Netflix you will love it.

Lastly Jessica Jones

Having heard the name Jessica Jones being mentioned in Daredevil i thought i would give the show a try, im half way through the first season and while its no where near as good as daredevil it is still good and worth a watch especially if your into superheroes.  The main character Jessica Jones is not the average super hero and thats what i think makes the show enjoyable, she doesn’t always do the right thing and at times struggles with the choices that she has to make.  good show, worth a watch.

Thats it for now, if any of you crazy lot can suggest me more tv shows to take a look at i will gladly have a look.

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